Sunday, April 10, 2011

Regular Blog Update #1

Hey All, Over-The-Counter-Intellect here.

Bringing more items of interest into your diet, enjoy.

 I have made kind of a rule to not comment on pictures, but this, this is outstanding.

 And once again, more reasons to spend some time in good old Japan, at least, once the nuclear threat is gone...

I want this sink.
In a couple more years this is what I'm afraid of.

And of course, Finland military "Confidence Training" yea right!

Now here's the video section, I pick things that are interesting/funny/strange/etc, really, anything goes.

And now that I've finally decided to stop adding videos, we get to the links to sites, here, i put good sites, helpful sites, and funny sites.
This is my friends blog, feel free to check it out.

 I use this site all the time to find mods n such for my games.

The Escapist - Zero Punctuation
This British guy is really funny, and is usually correct in how he reviews the games.

Because a lot of us are crazed Anime fans, i thought I'd link the site i use for when i get the itch to watch something.

OverClocked ReMix
And here is a great remix site, i use it all the time.

That should do it, See ya next time internet!

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